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74th Veterans Association - Connecticut Street Armory
The text below is an excerpt from
Warren R. Baltes, The Story of the 74th Regimental Armory in Buffalo, New York

Although the famous 74th Regiment moved to the Masten Avenue Armory, its Veterans Association still meets in the halls of the Connecticut Street Armory. This organization strives to preserve the memory and deeds of their famous unit and its members, amongst whom may be counted Father Nelson Baker, later canonized by the Catholic Church in contemplation of sainthood.

Also should be mentioned Colonel John B. Weber, a fifer in the regiment at the outbreak of the Civil War who went on to become one of the youngest commissioned Colonels of the war, achieving that rank before the age of 21. Weber went on to become a Buffalo Postmaster, Congressman, and first United States Commissioner of Immigration, overseeing the construction of Ellis Island.

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Mantelpiece and wainscoting

Mantelpiece details:

Ancone decorated with acanthus leaf

Ancone decorated with acanthus leaf

Bonnet top with center finial

Painting, Lower left: Lansing & Beierl, architects

Drill Hall before the 1982 fire

1982 fire

1982 fire

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