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2009 Wheel and Clearstory Windows
Corpus Christi RC Church
189 Clark Street, Buffalo, NY 14212

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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Research by Gregory Witul

All stained glass windows in Corpus Christi Church are by Mayer of Munich

Wheel Window

In July 1969, the exterior of the entire wheel window was repaired and cemented, and a protective clear plastic-glass shield was used to cover every section of it.

The subject matter of choir loft windows typically involves music. Here, the central figure is St. Cecilia playing an organ. (St. Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians and church music because she praised God, singing to him, as she lay dying a martyr's death.) She is surrounded by angels playing various instruments.

The architectural style of Corpus Christi is Romanesque Revival which often incorporates large stained glass windows, including wheel or rose windows, sometimes setting the wheel or rose window window into a tier of vertical lights of staggered height. Large stained glass windows were a development of Gothic architecture which followed Romanesque style.

Clearstory Window

The clearstory window shown below is only one of the ten clearstory windows (2-panels united by a circular panel above) that are in the church. The windows are identical except for the two iconic images in the larger panels.

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Wheel window

Wheel window

Wheel window

Wheel window

Top: Music played by angels and St. Cecelia.
Bottom: Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven

Music played by angels and St. Cecelia.

St. Cecilia playing an organ

Singing angel









Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven

God the Father

Mary being crowned

Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven by her son



Angelic harp music







Clearstory window

Clearstory window

Clearstory window

Clearstory window


Chalice with Keys to Heaven given to Peter



Special thanks to Corpus Christi Pastor Rev. Anzelm Chalupka for his cooperation in 2009
Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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