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Parkside Baptist Church /  Gospel Temple Church
  143 Beard Avenue, Buffalo, NY

BUILT: 1894
ARCHITECT: Fred Harvey Loverin
STYLE: English Romanesque Revival
Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ

2021 Photos


"Local architect Fred Harvey Loverin employs the Romanesque Revival style here to unusual effect: a stout, pyramidal-roofed tower of modest height is appended to the rear of the church near the apse and contains a round-arched main entrance as well as a trio of similarly round-arched louvered windows. The hip roof is steeply-pitched, and the façade is of rough-textured Onondaga limestone.

 "The church building dates to 1894 and was originally the home of Parkside Baptist Church, built with the assistance of the Parkside and Bennett-Price Land Companies to replace a smaller chapel on Vernon Place that had housed the congregation for the three previous years. The congregation changed its name to Central Park Baptist in the late 1920s (so as to better reflect its actual location on the opposite side of the Belt Line railroad tracks from its erstwhile namesake neighborhood) and dissolved in 1985.

"Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ has been the building's occupant since that time."

-       Andre Carrotflower, Wikimedia Commons, 16 September 2020 (online January 2022)

October 17, 2021 photos

Romanesque Revival (rounded windows) style  with English style tower

Apse at left                           Onondaga limestone

English style tower                

Apse                                  Painted Medina sandstone lintels and sills

Slate roof                             Terra cotta ridge cap          

  Crenelated tower                              Louvered belfry

Onondaga limestone

Voussoirs / Gibbs surround over door                   Random ashlar                  Flanking vertical pier buttresses     

Hip roof

Photos and their arrangement © 2021 Chuck LaChiusa
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