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Duplexes and Two-Family Flats

Excerpted (without footnotes)
from the 
Broadway-Fillmore, Buffalo, NY Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey
By Francis Kowsky

There are two categories of multiple-family housing common in Buffalo: the double house and the two-decker.

Each category is characterized by the special organization of the dwelling units within it. Multiple-unit dwellings reflect the same stylistic influences and progressions seen in and generally first utilized for single family houses.

Double house

Typically the double house comprises two mirror-image plans, multiple-floor units placed side by side. However, plans and massing may vary.

The earliest form has principal entrances and halls placed next to each other at the facade’s center. Stylistic treatments of double houses span the same range of historically inspired architectural styles used for single-family residences.


Two-decker residences are most common in Buffalo. The form evolved from the standard side-hall-plan dwelling, expanded and adapted to accommodate identical plan units stacked on two floors.

The two-decker form is well represented in the Grant-Ferry-Forest neighborhood. A common stock of the neighborhood, buildings of this type occur on many residential streets of the western area.

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