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Wladyslaw H. Zawadzki

If Fillmore Avenue was the major residential address in the Broadway-Fillmore district, Broadway assumed the role of the most important commercial thoroughfare. The widest street in the city, Broadway, at the turn of the twentieth century, was an extended avenue of commercial activity; the area around the intersection with Fillmore Avenue was one of its busiest sections.

Nearby, architect W. H. Zawadzki, the most important Polish- American architect in Buffalo, designed a number of buildings that as a group constitute his best work. Born in Poznan in 1872, Zawadzki immigrated to Buffalo as a young man. Before opening his own practice in the neighborhood, he worked for the American Bridge Company and the Lackawanna Steel Company. Among his buildings on Broadway are the former Polonia Hotel (1906; later remodeled as a bank) at 1067 Broadway, diminutive Romanesque style Hodkiewicz-Cohen Bakery (1906) at 1132

- Broadway-Fillmore Survey

W. H. Zawadzki residence and office at 798 Fillmore Avenue (1895; storefront addition, 1936)

1895 - Built for Charles W. Belzer, bookkeeper for the Broadway Brewing and Malting Co.
1910 - Prominent East Side architect Władysław H. Zawadzki used the building as his office and residence until his death in 1926.
1936 - A brick and tile Art Deco storefront was added, and a two-story garage was built at the rear of the lot.
History courtesy BuffaloAH B/F Neighborhood List
- Source:  PreservationReady Sites (onlinr August 2018)

Polish Cooperative Savings and Loan Association, 617 Fillmore Avenue

1929 design by Zawadzski

"Eligible" (potential) Thematic Resource - Wladyslaw H. Zawadzki (architect)
Dom Polski building at 1081 Broadway
Transfiguration R.C. School (1915, 34 Stanislaus Street)
Transfiguration Rectory (1925, 144 Mills Street
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary R. C. Church, a combined church and school building, at 1040 Sycamore Street
St. Stanislaus convent (1916-1917, 562 Fillmore Avenue
St. Stanislaus garage with living quarters (1919, 123 Townsend Street)
Polish Singing Circle Building (1907) at 1170 Broadway
Polish Union Hall (1914) at 761 Fillmore Avenue
Polonia Hotel (1906; later remodeled as a bank) at 1067 Broadway
Hodkiewicz-Cohen Bakery (1906) at 1132 Broadway
Lipowicz’s wholesale grocery store at 1201 Broadway
A. Schreiber Brewing Company to house the company offices and the bottling works (1909, 662 Fillmore Avenue) and three residences.
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Byzantine-Church (1906) in Black Rock
St. Nicholas Ukrainian-Byzantine Catholic Church (1917-1919, Fillmore Avenue and Oneida Street)
St. Luke’s Church and School (1908-1919, Sycamore Street Miller Avenue)
St. Casimir Church and School (1906, Weimar and Casimir Sts.)
Public School No. 3 in Buffalo

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