Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood

Historic Districts and Landmarks eligible for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places

The list was culled from the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Historic Resources Intensive Level Survey -- but it is not an official part of the survey.

"Eligible" means that the State Historic Preservation Office has determined that, the property(ies) meets the criteria for a listing on the State Register of Historic Places. Of course, to become listed on the Register, a nomination would have to submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office.

Survey boundaries:

"Eligible" (potential) Thematic Resource: Polish Religious Institutions

"Eligible" (potential) Thematic Resource - Wladyslaw H. Zawadzki (architect)

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Residential

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Commercial

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Industrial

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Religious

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Social

"Eligible" (potential) Individual Properties: Transportation

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