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Relevant dates:
1848-1917 Little was probably born in Lancaster, New York, about 1848.
1874 Apprenticed with C.K. Porter,.
Little spent some years in Detroit before returning to Buffalo about 1874, when he apprenticed with  one of Buffalo's distinguished mid-19th century architects.
1878-1882 Partnered with Eugene L. Holmes (Holmes & Little).
In 1878 Little joined in a partnership with Eugene L. Holmes, an already established architect. The firm designed commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Their largest commission was the Fitch Accident Hospital (1881), a charitable emergency hospital at the south-west corner of Seneca and Michigan Streets. During its four years' existence the partnership designed a number of mansions on North Street.

Holmes passed away in 1885.
1882-1917 Solo practice

1881 Fitch Accident Hospital, a charitable emergency hospital at the south-west corner of Seneca and Michigan Streets (Holmes & Little)
William W. Sloan House, 869 Delaware Avenue (photo). No. 869 Delaware Avenue is the largest of the remaining (in 2013) Little-designed houses.  Sloan was the treasurer of the Buffalo General Electric Company. Sloan also owned a malt company at 698 Carroll Street.

mid 1880s Alfred A. Berrick House, 147 Linwood Avenue

Niagara University Medical College, 295 Ellicott Street. Demolished.
1884 Addition to Public School 15 at Oak and Carlton Streets
1885-86 Buffalo Post Office Supervisisng Architect (NOT the 1901 Old Post Office, 121 Ellicott Street at South Division)
City Morgue on the Terrace. Demolished
Public School 46/Adult Learning Center (PS No. 46)  on the southwest corner of Elmwood Avenue and Virginia Street.  This school stands (in 2013) as the City's oldest school building in continuous use.

Dr. and Mrs. Hubbard A. Foster House, 3 St. John's Place

Broadway Market (Not the current building online Jan. 2013).1915-1919 postcard:

Denton Cottier and Daniels, comer of Main and Swan streets (Not the Court St. buidling)
Little House, 54 Norwood Avenue
3 St. John's Place was one of Little's favorite designs. He always included it, with the Sloan house, in promotional literature for his firm.

Red Jacket Flats apartment building on Main and Allen streets

John L. Kronenberg House, 100 Norwood Avenue. Kronenberg was the secretary and treasurer of Machwirth Bros., Co., a roofing and metalworks manufacturer. The carved shells, bays, and Rococo fantasies reflect in wood the decorative themes carried out in terra-cotta and brick on the Red Jacket Apartments.

Thomas Jones House, 242 Norwood Avenue. The house displays the typical massing and multiple gables of the late Queen Anne. The flat-roofed veranda with classically ordered columns reflects the Beaux Arts style which was popularized by Chicago's World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.

Terrace High schools for the City of Olean and the Village of Silver Creek, New York.
Behn House, 90 Norwood Avenue. This large two family house was built before 1898 for F. Behn and Carl Behn of the Buffalo Refrigeration Company. Note the unusual length of the house and the repeat of fenestration patterns on the first and second floors, indicating identical floor plans for each flat.

Little died in 1917. He is buried with his wife, Anna Burger Little, and her parents, the Rev. Otto and Marie Elwert Burger, in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Presumably, Little was the architect.

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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