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2011 Exterior Photos
Schmidt House & Tavern
71 Amherst
Street, Buffalo, New York
Black Rock Neighborhood ... A contributing site on the Market Square Historic District

  HISTORY Beneath Illustrations

1835 Federal style house with Greek Revival  entrance that includes transom light and side lights.

Greek Revival  entrance that includes transom light and side lights


Built c. 1830-1835 by Augustus Porter (brother of Peter Porter) on a 3/4 acre lot for the purpose of entertaining potential land buyers in a tavern.

What appears to be an additional 1 1/2-story rear wing is actually the original structure. This may have been used as living quarters while the larger wing was added on Amherst Street to be a tavern. The front of the original building was sawed off and the larger front section built on.

About 1840 the building was remodeled and became a 1-family home for the Jacob Schmidt family (wife Catherine).

In 1880, the house was remodeled as a 2-apartment duplex. The original tavern door on the right front became the door to the right-hand apartment. Next to no "modernization," inside or out, took place after 1840.

Over the years, pieces of the lot were sold. Houses built on the parcels include 81 Amherst, 109 East, and 107 East. Catherine Schmidt's sister donated a parcel for St. John's Church.

In 1989 the house was boarded up and scheduled for demolition. Neighbors had complained about the raucous parties that motorcycle gangs had held there. The present owner, Scott Glasgow,  convinced the city to sell the property to him and he has painstakingly restored much of the house with scrupulous historical accuracy.

Special thanks to Scott Glasgow for his assistance.
Other consultants: Tim Tielman and Mark Goldman in 2000.

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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