Church of the Advent - Carvings and Needlepoint
54 Delaware Road, Kenmore, NY

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Carvings design and execution:

Arthur F. Werner

Needlepoint design:

Arthur F. Werner

Needlepoint execution:

Arthur F. Werner, et. al.

Additional work by Arthur F. Warner:

Altar - St. John's Grace Episcopal Church

Advent is the period beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, observed by many Christians as a season of prayer, fasting, and penitence in preparation for Christmas.

The Advent Rose in these carvings has five petals, each one representing one of Christ's wounds on the cross.
All carving is of red oak purchased from Forest Products, Inc.
, Cheektowaga, NY over a 20-year period (1981-2001)

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Chancel and nave.
Reredos behind main altar

Reredos detail: Advent rose panel

Reredos detail: palm fronds, Advent rose

Reredos detail: palm fronds

Reredos detail of right-hand pillar: twisted rope design.

Main altar - gift from another Episcopal church

Main altar cushions in front of main altar..

  • Needlepoint.
  • Two cushions for Baptism and each Church season

Designs inspired by Nicene Creed

Fleuree Cross - end cushions of main altar

First processional cross. Decorated with five Advent roses (five wounds of Christ)

Pentecostal processional cross.
Filigreed descending dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit endowing the gift of tongues

Christ the King processional cross.

  • King's crown.
  • Pomegranate fruit symbolic of rebirth

Memorial niche surround.

  • Angels at bottom.

Narthex arch.

  • Symbols of communion: chalice, wheat, grapes

Ministry in the Church door crown.

Memorial door crown.

  • Advent rose in center
  • Butterfly represents Resurrection

Baptismal Screen. 3-dimensional carving representing baptism of Christ

Baptismal Screen detail

Baptismal Screen detail

Aumbry (where reserve host is kept). Three Glastonbury roses with fronding

Ten Commandments in Hebrew with three Glastonbury roses with fronding

Evangelist Matthew

Evangelist Mark

Evangelist Luke

Evangelist John

Side chapel. Altar.
Side panel has oak frame with mahogany carving.

Side chapel. Altar ceiling

Side panel detail: descending dove representing the Holy Spirit; Advent rose

Side panel detail: central panel showing violet, rose, and chrysanthemum - all representing months of the year

Side panel detail: violet, holly

Set of five sterling silver Bible markers

Marker: Advent rose

Ribbons are attached to Advent rose.

Memorial needlepoint cushion on prie dieu. Placed upright to better viewing

Memorial altar in the Children's Chapel in Parish House brighter future

Memorial altar detail. Advent rose and reverse-twist pillar like that of the reredos on sides of main altar in church


Special thanks to Pastor Terrence Bull and wood carver Arthur F. Werner for their cooperation and patience. An aditional example of Werner's craftsmanship can be seen at Altar - St. John's Grace Episcopal Church
Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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