Buildings in Hamburg, NY

Carlton Sprague Summer House
4325 Lake Shore Road, Town of Hamburg, NY


C. 1888

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Edward Kent,


Shingle style


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Carlton Sprague

Edward Kent, architect

A published 1888 drawing of the house

West (front) elevation viewed from Route 5 (Lake Shore Road) and Lake Erie

Common shingle style feature: Spreads low against the ground on a heavy stone foundation

Common shingle style features:

  • Qualities of weight, density, and permanence are pronounced
  • Asymmetrical forms

"Candlesnuffer" roof of tower differs from the drawing in "Americana Architect and Building News," July 21, 1888. No. 656

Natural shingles later painted white

Wrought iron not original

Common shingle style feature: Rounded contour sheltered by a broad and overhanging roof.

Porte cochere on north (left) side of house

Second freestanding tower back of house

Carlton Sprague

Other House Owners


Common shingle style features still found on this house:

Memories of June Cherry Muranyi who lived in the house 1931-38

  • A previous owner was the Larkin Co.
  • Another previous owner was Joseph Puglesi, proprietor of Royal Linen, 208-210 Terrace, Buffalo
  • 1931-38 the owners were Messrs. Bellanca and Barone
  • Known as "The Lake Shore Villa"
  • In the "big house" there were 4 flats: two on the first floor, one over the porte cochere, one in the front tower
  • In the main house there was a large chandelier in the living room.
  • In the living room there were cushioned window seats large enough for people to sleep on
  • The property extended to the railroad tracks
  • A 7-car garage had a second floor flat
  • There was a gas house near Stratford Rd. (Terrace?)
  • Stratford was originally tennis courts
  • There was an ice house
  • Two chicken coops were turned into summer cottages (Dr. Greco was a tenant)
  • There was another house to the rear of the main house
  • Towards the rear of the property there was a gate to the Laub estate (north)
  • During the summers, long tables would be set up in the back for community dinners. The food was Italian.
  • There were gardens and grape arbors
  • There were at least 3 or 4 cottages in the back
  • It was possible to reach the beach through a drain pipe under Lake Shore Road
  • It was more convenient to reach the lake through a concrete tunnel on the Laub estate that ran under the road. People could walk upright in the tunnel.
  • Much of the beach has eroded
  • On the Laub estate, in a barn, there were two coaches

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