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Molten Glass

Molten glass: Glass in a melted state after the ingredients have been fused at a high temperature, liquefying the batch.
It is then allowed to cool until it is plastic and shapeable.
It is sticky and will adhere to an iron
blow pipe or other glass object already heat-softened.

Photo taken on November 21, 2009, at a Corning Glass Museum glass blowing demonstration.
The gaffer is blowing additional air into molten glass which is attached to a blow pipe. Additional blowpipes are on a shelf behind the gaffer's head.

At far left is a furnace where sand and other ingredients are placed in ceramic pots to be melted to produce glass. Nickname: "jaws of hell."

The small oven at the right is an annealing oven where fashioned glass slowly cools down to avoid cracking.

Photos and their arrangement © 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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