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Sheet Metal Building Material
The Pedlar People Catalog
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"Our fronts are especially designed to apply to old or new brick, stone, plastered or wooden buildings."


Finals, Terminals, Etc.

Ornamental Shell Cresting

Ornamental Cresting



Crosses, oriel windows

Zinc Statues

Metal clad residence

Fire-proof Construction

Metal siding

Window and door caps

Seminary Chapel, Quebec City

Interior of Seminary Chapel, Quebec City

Sheet Zinc Frieze

Ornamental Friezes


Metal Doors

Steel Ceilings

Side Wall Design

Bas-relief Panels

Beam Coverings


The long lasting sheet metal company, Pedlar People Ltd., was first established in 1861 by Henry Pedlar and was first located at the corner of Simcoe and Bond Sts. in Oshawa, Canada. In 1861 Henry Pedlar took the momentous step of making kitchen utensils in the back of his store, and this was the beginning of today's Sheet metal manufacturing company.

Henry Pedlar died only 11 years after creating the company. After his death, his son George H. Pedlar took over management.  In 1892, the company moved to Simcoe and Metcalfe (where Memorial Park is located today) and converted an old stable into a small metal stamping plant.  It was at this time when they became known as the Pedlar Metal Roofing Company and manufactured metal roofing, siding and ceilings. 

By 1894, Pedlar claimed to be the "largest sheet metal factory in the British Empire" and to produce "the best metal roofing in the world."  In 1911, they changed their name again to the Pedlar People Ltd. and two years later Walter R. Geikie took over as manager following the death of his father-in-law, G.H. Pedlar. -- Pedlar People Ltd., by Oshawa Community Museum and Archives

Special thanks to Harvey Garrett for making his catalog available for copying

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