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16 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo NY
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St. Margaret

St. Andrew

St. Margaret (iconography)

This window was originally placed in St. Margaret's School Assembly Hall, across the street on North St.  The school was closed in 1914.

St. Margaret is crowned as Queen of Scotland and holding a chapel, symbolic of her patronage of churches and almshouses.  She is surrounded by thistles, a symbol of Scotland.

Detail - St. Margaret

Detail - St. Margaret

St. Andrew (the Apostle, patron of Scotland).
Note saltire, the X at the top.

Detail - St. Andrew (iconography).
The apostle Andrew is the patron of Scotland. Note thistles in window.

Detail - St. Andrew
: thistles, symbol of Scotland

Detail - St. Andrew
"He" refers to the apostle Andrew. (John 11: 41:42 should be John 1:41:42)

Special thanks to Rector Armond J. Kraft and to Senior Warden Thomas Zimfer for their cooperation in January 2010

Photos and their arrangement 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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