608 Lafayette Avenue
Buffalo, NY

  • Ca. 1890 
  • 2 1⁄2-story front gable frame house with modest Queen Anne styling   
  • Stone foundation, wood shingle above clapboard siding, asphalt roof  
  • Offset door under full width porch with square supports on stone piers, solid paneled wood balustrade, and roof deck  
  • Majority 1/1 double hung wood windows, some with transoms   
  • 2nd story offset bay window 
  • Modillioned eaves, flared gable end with keystone Palladian window  
  • Cannot see secondary building from public right-of-way.
- Elmwood East Nomination for the National Register of Historic Places, Section 7, p. 182

Left backgroundLafayette Presbyterian Church

Queen Anne style

Palladian window with keystone   ...   Flared roof   ...   Rectangular and sawtooth wooden shingles   ...  
Bracketed jetty    ...   Side lights   ...   Bay window

Palladian window with keystone     ...   Rectangular and sawtooth wooden shingles 

LeftSoffit   ...  
Bracketed jetty    ...    Wooden shingles   ...    Balustrade with rectangular balusters

Rectangular and sawtooth wooden shingles   ...   Bracketed jetty    ...     Side lights

Frieze decorated with applied  wreaths and ribbons   ...   Bay window   ...   Note leaded glass window on right side of the bay window (detailed below:)

Leaded glass window   ...   Balustrade with rectangular balusters

First story square Tuscan column

Note east elevation on driveway side (detailed in photo below:)

East elevation bay on driveway side

West elevation:  Large shingled  bay   ...   Note chimney (detailed below:)


Victorian chimney with sawtooth/dogtooth panels and  corbel tables

Photos and their arrangement 2018Chuck LaChiusa
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