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2002 Photos
Interior - The Guaranty Building

(formerly known as the Prudential Building)
28 Church Street, Buffalo, New York
National Historic Landmark

"The historic structure report put together by Jack Randall lists the firm of Healy and Millet as the original firm for the art glass skylights. Denise Leone, of Hamilton New York restored the glass during the original restoration in the early 1980's. The current project [2008] does not include any work on the art glass proper, but does include work on a new LED lighting system designed by Cline Betteridge and Bernstein, constructed by Nichea and installed by O'Connell Electric" -- Peter T. Flynn, AIA

Stained glass lobby ceiling by Healy/Millet of Chicago.

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Church Street lobby doors

Looking out onto Church Street from the lobby

Church Street lobby elevator

Electroplated bronze elevator doors feature botanical imagery

Front lobby elevator - grill above doors reveals machinery. Note plant oval pod motif.

Elevator floor indicator

Church Street lobby electric lighting was converted from gas

Church Street lobby mosaic ceiling and wall

Church Street lobby staircase

Church Street lobby balustrade

Church Street lobby balusters

First floor office features terra cotta-faced columns that are partially enclosed in glass. Column is both outside (above the glass) and inside (below the glass) the office.

First floor office.
foliated capital is seen through glass

First floor office.
Corner pier is partially enclosed in glass. Pier is both outside (above the glass) and inside (below the glass) the office.

First floor office.

First floor office.

Pearl Street lobby features spectacular Art Nouveau skylight with repeating plant pods

Pearl Street lobby skylight pod motif is reminiscent of a giant Tiffany lampshade

Pearl Street lobby features skylight and mosaic walls

Pearl Street lobby - mosaic wall detail highlights the nature motif found throughout the building

Original 7th floor office layout. Note the lightwell in the cutout section of the "U"

Original 13th floor office layout.

U. S. Weather Bureau office

13th floor round windows

13th floor round windows

13th floor round windows afford a spectacular view of Downtown Buffalo: Old County Hall, City Hall, Statler Towers

Special thanks to the owners of the Guaranty Building, the Hodgson Russ law firm, and especially Harry G. Meyer, for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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