Louis Sullivan - Table of Contents

Guaranty / Prudential Building
28 Church Street, Buffalo, New York
Building Owner's Home Page - Hodgson Russ, LLP

On Buffalo as an Architectural Museum website:

2002 photos - Exterior / History

2006, 2015 photos - Exterior

2012 photos - East elevation

2002 photos - INTERIOR

Olaf William Shelgren Jr., John D. Randall, and Jason Aronoff,  The Prudential Building A 1977 reprint with photos of the 1970s "modernizing"

Craig Woodward and Harry Meyer,  The Original Guaranty Building Elevators

15 Postcards  Patrick Mahoney collection

2009 photo by Harry Meyer

2012 photo taken from Lofts@136

Photo: Clement Brick Museum Guaranty Building branded brick

The Guaranty Office Building (Buffalo) and The Carson Pirie Scott Department Store (Chicago)

The Guaranty Office Building (Buffalo) and The Auditorium Building (Chicago)

Photo & Text: Guaranty Building's elevators and stairway  (Olenick & Reisem)

"Rich Buffalo Man Shot by His Wife" 1903 New York Times article

George Grant Elmslie Adler and Sullivan's chief draftsman

Christian Schneider Terra cotta sculptor

HABS - Louis Sullivan Buildings  List

Watercolor By Carol Case Siracuse

On other websites:

Louis Sullivan's Guaranty Building (Hodgson Russ, LLP) (9/13)

Marilyn Kaplan, Replicating Historic Elevator Enclosures in the Guaranty Building  (9/13)

HABS - Prudential Building 16 photos; 10 data pages  (9/13)

A Digital Archive of American Architecture - Louis Sullivan - 9 photos of the Guaranty Building (9/13)

YouTube: Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture ..... Trailer  (9/13)

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