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Historic Resources Surveys in Western New York- Table of Contents

 Broadway-Fillmore, Buffalo, NY
Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey
Prepared by Clinton Brown Company Architecture pc

Cover page / Title Page / Table of Contents

Project Description ... (4 pages)

Methodology ... (3 pages)

Map of Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood ... (7 pages)

Updated Photographs of Previously Inventoried Buildings ... (23 pages)

Historical and Architectural Overview ... (42 pages)

Architectural Summary and Recommendations ... (25 pages) Eligible for listing on the State/National Registers of Historic Places.

Annotated List of Properties ... (97 pages)


Ashley Street - Bryson Street ... (152 pages)

C Street - Curtiss Street... (152 pages)

Detroit Street - Fox Street ... (239 pages)

Genesee Street - Guilford Street... (152 pages
Harmonia Street - Lombard Street ... (183 pages)

Memorial Drive - Playter Street ...(219 pages

Reed Street - Smith Street ...(219 pages

Sobieski Street - Sycamore Street ...(236 pages

Townsend Street - Young Street ...(231 pages)

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