Tucker and Andrews Buildings - DEMOLISHED
Buffalo, NY

Photo by Larry Johnson
Original print by Steve Mangione.

Both the Tucker (ledt in photo) and Andrews Buildings were demolished, unfortunately, for the Convention Center Plaza on Court St., a project intended to "save" downtown.

Tucker Building, 37-39 Court Street

Built in 1887, Tucker's store, supplied Buffalo's Victorian photographers with everything from cameras to chemicals. During the Pan American Exposition, it was converted into a hotel.

The Tucker Building had a cast iron façade. (See the Dennis/Stanton Building for the only remaining cast iron façade in Buffalo.)

Another photo of the Tucker Building in a portfolio of buyuilding designed by M.E. Beebe

Photo of a Tucker Building detail, also courtesty of Larry Johnson.

The Tucker had exotic round transom windows at the top floor a full decade before Louis Sullivan would design similar ones in his landmark Guaranty/ Prudential Building a few blocks away.

The Tucker was demolished to make way for the 1977 Buffalo Convention Center,

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