Buffalo-Niagara Landmark Signage Project
Dennis Galucki and Chuck LaChiusa, Coordinators
Photographs and sign designs by Matthew Steinberg
Louise McClive, Project Manager
Ramona Whitaker, Editor

Project Description

This project is a new phase of the Downtown Signage Project which culminated in eleven permanent signs in Buffalo, NY (see below) , and the Landmarker 2008 Calendar "Signs of Buffalo's Glory."

Our volunteer signage committee is inviting the entire community to participate in this expanded project to tell interesting historical stories of our region ,  the Niagara Frontier.

Imagine a two by three foot sign at some location you believe should be "landmarked" with one or more stories. Submit the stories by e-mail along with any images you think would be appropriate. Stories and information should be about 300 to 400 words maximum. If our committee can validate the historical importance of the story, we will attempt to create a virtual sign on this web site similar to the above mentioned downtown series.

When possible we will try to secure partners, funding and permits to actually create permanent signs at your designated location or near by. Your name will be noted on the sign as part of the Landmark Signage Committee.

We encourage individuals, groups, organizations and schools to consider entering their ideas and location sites. We are especially encouraging stories and sites that point to the Erie Canal, War of 1812, Underground Railroad as well as any important historical people, places and/or buildings.

Let us mark this land, the Niagara Frontier, so that we as a community have a better sense of place and where we have been so we can better imagine where we are going.

See also: Historic Markers, Monuments, and Memorials in Buffalo, New York

Sponsored by The Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature

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Niagara Square - West

Niagara Square - West

Niagara Square - North

Niagara Square - East

Niagara Square - South

Lafayette Square

Franklin Street

Church Street

Ellicott Square

Theodore Roosevelt Plaza

Theatre District

Lake Erie Waterfront

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