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10529 Main Street (Rt. 5), Clarence, N.Y.

In 1799, the Holland Land Company offered lots10 miles apart in what is now Clarence to "any proper man who would build and operate a tavern upon it".

A young silversmith named Asa Ransom, had been plying his trade in the little fur trading post on the shores of Lake Erie. He was among the first to accept this opportunity and in the hollow of the ledge, near a pine grove, built a log home & tavern.

In 1803, he built a grist mill, the first in Erie County.

The Asa Ransom Inn: The original structure, which dates back to 1853, houses the library, gift shop, and snug.

Asa Ransom, a goldsmith, and his wife also lived at the Buffalo Creek settlement. Their daughter was probably the first white child born in the present city of Buffalo.

Asa Ransom accepted a lot at the foot of the east hill in what is now Clarence and built a tavern there. The little settlement grew rapidly and was called Pine Grove, then Ransomville and later Clarence Hollow. Ellicott established a land office there for a short time. He moved it to Batavia in 1801 and it became the main office of the Holland Land Company.

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