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Explore Buffalo - A Short History

Explore Buffalo does not list preservation in its mission statement, but, in effect, it functions as an important educational wing of Buffalo preservation.

Existence:  2014-present
Reason for Formation: Formed by about three dozen experienced docents who wanted to develop their own tour organization to educate the public about Greater Buffalo’s architecture, history and neighborhoods
Mission: Explore Buffalo promotes Buffalo and Western New York history, architecture, and neighborhoods through quality education to learners of all ages.
Some of the leaders:

Ron Eaton
Cindy Gorski
Paul Gorski
Deborah Hall-Stonish -  first Treasurer
Chuck LaChiusa
Rosalyn Lindner
Suzanne Manocchio
Wayne Minear
Thomas Mudra
Ann Palmer-  first Secretary
Denise Prince
Rebecca Stadler
Michael Stock
Ed Sullivan
Board Presidents:
Chuck LaChiusa
Cindy Gorski

Executive director:
Brad Hahn


2020 - Sells annual passes (no memberships)

2020 - More than 90 different tours available by foot, bike, bus, kayak, and boat: some tours available year-round

2020 - Tours provided for K-12 students from local schools, for local colleges, and for private groups

2020 - Three annual docent training classes for new volunteer docents: winter, spring, and fall

2020 - Winter Speaker Series features a variety of local history topics

2020 - Staff include the Executive Director, Deputy Director, Education Coordinator, and Development Coordinator


Annual Attendance:
2014: 6,219
2015: 13,268
2016: 17,281
2017: 18,994
2018: 23,917
2019: 25,748
2019: K-12 school tour attendance increased by 35% to 4,600 students, including more than 1,000 Buffalo Public School students who received a free tour.

2019: Explore Buffalo organized the first Doors Open Buffalo event, providing free access on a Saturday to 36 downtown locations for 3,800 people.

2019 -  Buffalo Spree Best of WNY - Best Tours (New category)

Visit Buffalo Niagara Volunteer of the Year:
2016 - Ann Palmer
2017 - Chuck LaChiusa
2018 - Ron Eaton
2019 - Cindy Gorski
2018 - Visit Buffalo Niagara Tourism Executive of the Year:  Brad Hahn

2015 & 2016 - Artvoice - Best of Buffalo - Best Tours (Awards Discontinued)
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2017 - Annual Report

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Explore Buffalo 2020 Guidebook 2020

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