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Buffalo Bill at the Pan-Am

Buffalo Bill with group

Summary: William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody stands in the left center of a group of Native American chiefs. The group includes, from left, Brave Chief, Eagle Chief, Knife Chief, Young Chief, Buffalo Bill, American Horse, Rocky Bear, Flys Above and Long Wolf.

The four men to the right of Cody all wear feather headdresses. Two of the men to the left of Cody wear single feathers on the backs of their heads. Several of the men wear breastplates, possibly made of bone. Cody holds a rifle propped on its end in front of him. He also wears thigh boots, a buckskin coat and gauntlets on his hands. The coat and gauntlets are adorned with tassles.

Notes: "Buffalo Bill at 1901 Indian Congress Photo taken at Col. Fred Cummins Indian Congress at Pan American Exposition, Buffalo. Left to right: 1 - Brave Chief 2 - Eagle Chief 3 - Knife Chief 4 - Young Chief 5 - Buffalo Bill 6 - American Horse 7 - Rocky Bear 8 -
Flys Above 9 - Long Wolf" penciled on back of print.

Summary: William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody stands on the far right of a group of five men, including three Native Americans, possibly George Hungry, Pretty Soldier and Joe Custer. Nate Salsbury, owner and manager of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, stands on the far left of the group wearing a derby hat. John Burke, press manager for the shows, stands slightly behind the group. A building is behind them in the background.

Notes: "Indian Police George Hungry, Pretty Soldier, Joe Custer next to Cody" penciled on back of matted print; words "Left (Nate Salsbury - owner and manager Buffalo Bills Wild West). Back (John Burke) press agent. Right (Buffalo Bill) about 1901.

Given by the family of Nate Salsbury from his collection, in 1938" handwritten on back of matted print; words "1901 - Chief Joseph Nate Salsbury ? Pan American Exp. Buffalo, N.Y." penciled on back of second print.

Source of both photos and captions: American Memory - Library of Congress
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