The following article is printed verbatim from The Amherst Bee of May 30, 1901

Prominent bands made trip to buffalo in 1901

When the people of two Americas visit the [Pan-Amrican] Exposition city just erected "by the great waters of the North," many will recognize the style of Richard Watson Gilder in the classic and poetic inscriptions which adorn its Propylaea, Stadium, bridges, palaces and temples. The Exposition was peculiarly fortunate in persuading the scholarly editor of The Century to put the finishing touch on the artistic masterpiece. Those who read the legends will feel that their author is a man who "has upheld the ideals of Liberty and Justice" and who throughout a laborious life now in its prime has been "faithful to the things that are eternal," one who "has never shunned the dust and sweat of the contest and on whose brow" already "falls the cool shade of the olive" and rests the wreath of the victor's laurel.

What States Are Doing

The States of the Union generally show a deep interest in the Pan-American Exposition. Liberal appropriations have been made for exhibits. Several of the States have erected handsome buildings in the Court of State and Foreign Buildings.

New York's appropriation is $300,000. A magnificent permanent building has been erected, and an exhibit highly creditable to the Empire State is installed.

Illinois appropriated $75,000 for a building and exhibit.

Michigan's appropriation is $30,000. The State has erected a handsome building.

Missouri appropriated $50,000 for a building and exhibit.

Washington has appropriated $25,000 and has a building constructed of native timbers used as State Headquarters.

The New England States joined together for the erection of a building and display of their resources and industries. Massachusetts appropriated $15,000, Rhode Island $30,000, and Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire have expended sums sufficient for suitable exhibits.

In addition to the exhibits made under the auspices of the different State governments, there are numerous displays of the industrial and natural resources of the States by individual exhibitors.

Music at the Exposition
Many of the best bands of the United States to be heard at Buffalo

The musical features at the Pan-American Exposition will embrace the several classes of music. The most prominent will be the band music, furnished by some of the best known bands of the Western World. No less than 75 organists have been engaged for daily recitals in the Temple of Music, where a magnificent organ has been installed.

The bands engaged for the Exposition are as follows:

Mexican Mounted Artillery Band of 50 men, under the directorship of Captain Ricardo Pacheco, for the entire season.

Seventy-fourth Regiment Band, Buffalo, 35 men, May 1 to July 29.

Sixty-fifth Regiment Band, Buffalo, 35 men, May 1 to July 29.

Sixty-fifth Regiment Band, Buffalo, 35 men, May 1 to July 29.

Seventy-first Regiment Band, New York City, 45 men, May 6 to June 1.

Thirteenth Band, Hamilton, Ontario, 40 men, June 3 to June 8.

Sousa's Band, New York City, 65 men, June 10 to July 6.

Elgin Band, Elgin, Ill., 60 men, July 8 to Aug. 4.

Scinta's Band, Buffalo, 36 men, July 29 to Aug. 24.

Carlisle Indian Band, Carlisle, Pa., 40 men, July 29 to Aug. 24.

Ithaca Band, Ithaca, N.Y., 35 men, Aug. 5 to Aug. 10.

Forty-eighth Highlanders' Band, Toronto, Ontario, 50 men, Aug. 26 to Aug. 31.

Robertson's Band, Albany, N.Y., 40 men, Aug. 26 to Sept. 1.

Salem Cadet Bank, Salem, Mass., 25 men, Sept. 2 to Sept. 15.

Brooke's Marine Band, Chicago, 50 men, Sept. 9 to Oct. 5.

Boston Ladies' Band, Boston, Mass., 30 ladies, Sept. 16 to Sept. 28.

Nineteenth Regiment Band, St. Catherines, Ontario, 45 men, Sept. 16 to Sept. 21.

Phinney's U.S. Band, Chicago, 45 men, Aug. 5 to Aug. 25.

Victor Herbert's Orchestra, Pittsburgh, 73 men, Oct. 7.

Innes' Band, New York City, Oct. 7 to Oct. 21.

Other bands with whom engagements are pending are Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit organizations.

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