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Fort Porter
Buffalo, NY

The Poinsett Barracks (the remains of which are now the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site) served as an active military post from 1839 until the mid-1840s when a fort dedicated to the memory of Gen. Peter B. Porter, who had just died, rose on the high ground near the shore overlooking the juncture of Lake Erie and the Niagara River.


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"Old Castle."

"The Castle."

"Old Stone Castle."

"The Castle."

"The Magazine."


"Demolition of the Old Magazine."

"Administration Building and Barracks."

13th Regiment Monument in front of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum

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Detail: 13th Regiment Monument

Fort Porter. Unknown artist;

The fort served as a customs and guard house.

The Thirteenth United States Infantry was part of Major General Wm. T. Sherman's XV Corps, Army of the Tennessee, but the unit was later to become known as "Buffalo's Own Regiment" throughout its Spanish American War exploits because of a long stint as the Fort Porter garrison.

During 1899, donations from hundreds of Buffalonians caused a huge boulder to be placed on the west end of the Fort Porter parade ground as a token of the city's esteem for the regiment.

When the fort was demolished in favor of the International Peace Bridge in 1925, the boulder was removed to a place outside of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society where it may still be seen.

Fort Porter is now the site of the bridge abutment supporting the Peace Bridge.

The beautiful marble fireplace which was once situated in the Fort Porter commandant's house is now located inside the administration building of the Peace Bridge.


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