Denton, Cottier & Daniels - DEMOLISHED

SW corner of Pearl and Court Street
Year completed: 1908
Architect: Bethune Bethune & Fuchs
Distinction: Among the first buildings in the country to utilize steel frame construction and fire-resistant poured concrete slabs.

"Louise Bethune, who is widely considered by historians to have been the first American woman  to become a certified architect, designed 18 schools in western New York, as well as factories, hotels, churches, a baseball grandstand and a women's prison.

"Overall, she and her partners - William R. Fuchs and her husband, Robert Armour Bethune - contributed 180 buildings to Buffalo and New Englsnd in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bethune supervised the construction of many of these projects, biking to and from the work sites each day." - NY Times Pays Tribute to Bethune, Buffalo Rising Nov. 12, 2021

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