Historic Characters and Places in
The Twin French Cottages on Plymouth Ave.: A Mid-Victorian Ghost Story

by Cornelius Buch

Cornelius Buch is a pseudonym of Christopher Brown

Historic Characters:
Joseph Griffith Masten, son of Buffalo mayor and judge, p 5

Frank Shadrake, Buffalo businessman, p 10

John Neff, Erie County Auditor, p. 16

John Longhurst, Saloonkeeper and ghost, p. 18

Inspector John Taylor, Buffalo Chief of Detectives, p. 32

Clarence & Bertha Cady, Buffalo socialites, p. 37

Roland Conover, Cemetery Contractor/Undertaker p. 41

Edward Coatsworth, Erie County District Attorney, p. 45

Historic Places:
Masten Mansion, 222 North Stree, p. 4

95 Plymouth, p. 10

46 Plymouth, p. 12

99 Plymouth, p. 16

North Street Cemetery, p. 22

52 Days Park, p. 34

163 Park St., p. 37

180 Herkimer, p. 41

468 Richmond Ave., p. 45

Short Story Models:
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, "Dr. Feversham's Story" (1867)

Mrs. J. H. (Charlotte) Riddell, "The Uninhabited House" (1875)

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, "The Spirit's Whisper" (18657)

Mrs. J. H. (Charlotte) Riddell, "The Old House in Vauxhall Walk" (1882)

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