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Black Rock History Project
Group 2

1910s Glasgow children

1910s Streetcar

1910s United States Headlight Co. team

Bag sewing, Black Rock Milling Co. at Hertel and Military (demolished)
Shepardson(?) photo

Cotton Mill. Sec. #2
Buffalo Weaving & Belting Co.
Buffalo NY Oct. 1929
The building architect was Louise Bethune.

Airplane on Erie Canal tow path

1914(?) Construction of Assumption RC Church
At left is the original church which was demolished once the new church was operational.
Note the two ladders to the tower tops.

J. Glegota & Sons
Black Rock Bakery
35 Reservation St.

1920s milling co.


Special thanks to Janice and Bogdan Fundaliski  and the Grant-Amherst Business Association for making photos available for posting on this Website.

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