City of Buffalo Preservation Board gives 2002 award to LaChiusa Web Work

Tim Tielman, Chuck LaChiusa and Buffalo Preservation Board member Alison Kimberly flank the mounted commemorative poster for the award. (Photo by Nancy LaChiusa)

On June 19, Mayor Anthony Masiello and the Buffalo Preservation Board presented an award for the Preservation Coalition's "countless web sites for historic Buffalo properties."

PresCo Webmaster Chuck LaChiusa and PresCo Director Tim Tielman were present for the ceremony held in the elegant mayor's reception room in City Hall.

Mayor Masiello introduced LaChiusa, saying that he "marries the history in text with numerous photographs including many details of the building and creates a visual tour educating the person who logs on about the history of the both the building and its architecture."

PresCo pages on individual Buffalo buildings are grouped under the title "Buffalo as an Architectural Museum."

Other awardees included the following:

Buffalo Preservation Board members include the following:

LaChiusa has just retired from the Buffalo public system. He was a 36-year career English teacher, most recently  at City Honors. In his "retirement" he will continue as volunteer PresCo Webmaster. He also plans to give guided tours and illustrated Power Point presentations on Buffalo architecture to school children and adult groups.

Page by Chuck LaChiusa in 2002
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