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Group 1 - Angola on the Lake in the Early 1900s
Postcard Collection Donated to the Town of Evans Historical Society by L. A. Hazard

Nearly all these photos were published by Roselle U. Blackney or A.E. Seeley, of the Town of Evans, New York. They were hand-tinted and printed in Germany.

Captions are taken from or based upon captions in the L.A. Hazard collection, date of writing unknown

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Bennett Homestead, prob. c. 1908. Note handle on wood chain pump.

Bennett Homestead.

Bennett Homestead. Dining Hall at right (upper level).

Along Big Sister Creek in the spring, before tents were put up.

Looking toward creek mouth. Homestead wooden bridge and Pine Lodge iron bridge (higher) can be seen in distance. In the early days both camps used iron bridge.

Postcard dated June 12, 1908.

Bathing in Lake Erie. Bennett Homestead, prob. c. 1908.

Bridge across Big Sister Creek. View north. 1 is laundry. 2 is dining room. 3 is horse barn. This land is now filled in and a house stands here.

Same bridge as in previous photo. 1 is horse barn. 2 is cow barn.

Same bridge, view south. Schoolhouse, stone abutments. New bridge is now farther up the creek.

Bennett Homestead prob. c. 1908.

View of creek near Angola Water Works

View above the bridge upstream.

Bennett Homestead, lower row of tents.

Upper and lower rows of tents near Pine Lodge

Postmarked October 26, 1919. 1 is dining room, 2 is big house, 3 is washroom, 4 is outdoor toilet.

Postmarked August 12, 1908. 1 is dining room, 2 is big house, 3 is outdoor toilet.

Postmarked August 3, 1908. These tents of the choir boys were next to Judson Bennett’s Pine Lodge.

Homestead bridge, view upstream. Postmarked May 3, 1912.

Homestead bridge, view downstream.

Homestead bridge, view upstream.

Bennett Homestead, prob. c. 1908.

Pine Lodge, owned by Judson Bennett, son of Deacon Bennett

Ice house and rear entrance to lodge. Postmarked August 30, 1909

Tents near Pine Lodge.

Near Pine Lodge.

Camp Stevenson, owned by William Stevenson, sold to Westminster House.

View upstream. First bridge Stevenson, second bridge Reidpath.

Same view as previous card

1 is horse barn. 2 is road to Evans Center. 3,4 are Lake Shore Road.

Corner main house , dining room, two rows tents, towards north.

Postmarked August 3, 1908. Shows old chain bucket wooden pump. Also trunk by side of road, ready to be taken to train in Angola. Road is private circle from the main road. Allie Seeley is first person on left, front row.

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