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Wig stand
On display at the Fairmount Park Woodford House, Philadelphia in 2005

The term "wig stand" is misleading, as the stand was not made to hold wigs, but was a basin stand placed in front of a mirror before which wigs could be adjusted.

The round top is merely a hollow frame in which a small water basin was placed, and below is the lower part of a round powder box. Two small drawers are in the triangular space between the three upright columns and below is a platform with a sunken place for a small pitcher. From this it appears that the term "powdering stand" or "basin stand" is more descriptive of the piece than the term "wig stand."

The three legs are in cyma curves and terminate in snake feet. About 1760-1780.

The wearing of wigs and powder for men" went out of fashion about 1780.

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