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2006 photos - The Plant, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo
Kittinger Furniture Company, Inc.

Kittinger Furniture Company - Official Website   (online Sept. 2020)

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  • Veneer inventory on shelves.
  • Honduran mahogany 1/32" thick veneer sheets on a pallet on the floor



CNC Router for precision cutting. Computer at left stores files for various pieces of furniture.

CNC Router bits



Electric edge sander

Electric edge sander vacuum

Note drum/L flap sander in left foreground

Electric drum/L flap sander

Cabinet Department: hand sanding, fitting of drawers. and assembly

Finishing department where multiple coats of varnish are applied

Special thanks to Kittinger Furniture Co. owners Ray and Karen Bialkowski for their cooperation

Photos and their arrangement 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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