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Tribune Tower
435 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Painting by Carl F. Zoschke

Watercolor - 17 1/2" X 12 1/2"

Architects: John Mead Howells, Raymond M. Hood, Associated Architects
Erected: 1923-25

TEXT (below illustration)

Tribune Tower is familiar to the general public as the home of the Chicago Tribune and among architects and students of architecture as the winning design in an international competition held by the Tribune in 1922. Although this Gothic Revival design won first place, the wide discussion of the award led to the agreement that the modern office building, or skyscraper, should be designed in a modern style.

The virtues of this building include an active and picturesque silhouette and the interesting treatment of the wall, with vertical sections of different widths. It is modeled on the Butter Tower of Rouen Cathedral. The facade is also inset with stones from famous buildings throughout the world.

The Office of John Vinci restored the building in 1991.

The simpler structure joined to the tower on the east was built as a separate building, the Tribune Plant, designed by Jarvis Hunt. Its south side was surfaced with stone in 1965.

-- Source: "Chicago's Famous Buildings," ed. by Franz Schulze and Kevin Harrington. U. of Chicago Press, 1993

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