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PBN Press Release re: Stalled Trico Landmark Application

Press Release re: Stalled Trico Landmark Application
Contact: Tom Yots
Phone: (716) 852-3300
On Friday, December 28th, 2012, Preservation Buffalo Niagara(PBN) sent a letter to Ellicott District Council Member Darius Pridgen regarding the status of the stalled local landmark nomination application for the historic Trico Plant #1 Building located in his district. The application would designate the already national register-listed building as a local historic landmark and would in turn guarantee valuable community input regarding the property's ultimate future. PBN, the region's foremost preservation advocacy organization, is concerned that the City of Buffalo is not abiding by its own laws at an immeasurable cost to its citizens. 
The Letter to Council Member Pridgen states that, "it has been several months since the Legislation Committee of the Buffalo Common Council (Committee), of which you are the chairman, has had any legislative action on the application." Per the City's adopted Preservation Ordinance, the Legislation Committee has 30 days from the date of the required public hearing to act on an application for locally landmarking a significant building. The public hearing was held on April 24th, 2012, over 35 weeks ago from today's date. This public hearing followed the unanimous approval of the application by the City's Preservation Board on March 8th of that same year. The failure of the Committee to act on the application is a blatant violation of the rule of law and denies the citizens of the City of Buffalo the privileges entitled to them under the Preservation Ordinance.       
The importance of local landmark designation cannot be understated. This law ensures that an informed, public conversation occurs concerning the future of significant, irreplaceable buildings in our communities.

To be considered a local landmark, properties must fulfill established criteria relating to architectural design, historic significance, and community importance among others outlined in the Preservation Ordinance. Using these criteria, the Preservation Board unanimously approved the local landmark nomination application for the Trico Plant #1 Building over nine months ago.

The inaction on behalf of the Committee is restricting the vital right of the community to preserve our heritage. PBN respectfully requests that the application for this historic building be properly discharged from the Committee as soon as possible and sequentially be approved by the Common Council at its next regular meeting.

Preservation Buffalo Niagara is eager to assist the City in whatever capacity to ensure that the rights and privileges afforded to the citizens of the City of Buffalo under the Preservation Ordinance are understood and followed. 

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