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Grand Marquis Ballroom - Hotel Lafayette
Named after the Marquis de Lafayette

2011 Tour conducted by Owner Rocco Termini
October 25, 2011
Part of the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature  Noon Hour Lectures
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Grand Marquis (de Lafayette) Ballroom
"In 1916, Esenwein & Johnson was commissioned to add a ballroom to the hotel.  A two and three-story brick addition was constructed south of the recent addition, extending the hotel footprint to the north line of Darrow Alley.  Completed in 1917, this addition was constructed of brick, with white terra cotta trim on the Ellicott Street facade that is more restrained in design than that used on the earlier building, but nonetheless in sympathy to the original building." - WCPerspective, History of The Lafayette: Part Two

"The largest public space in the building, the ballroom is situated in an addition constructed southeast of the hotel in 1916-1917.  Unlike the other large spaces on the main floor, it is unobstructed by columns, as there are no guest room floors above.  The ceiling features large beams supported by fluted Corinthian pilasters along the side walls.  The upper sections of the walls between the pilasters swag decoration in plaster relief.  At the western end of the space is a small stage in the form of a semicircular exedra, which was added within the westernmost bay of the original space during the alterations to the hotel during 1924-1926.  Three large windows on the south and one on the east originally lighted the space, but these have been filled in, and now contain small sash windows. " - WCPerspective, History of The Lafayette: The Interior

Rocco Termini, Signature Development in the Grand Marquis Ballroom

Rocco Termini, Signature Development in the Grand Marquis Ballroom

Rubber mold created by artisans to reproduce damaged molding in Grand Marquis Ballroom

Plaster replacements

Photos taken on April 24, 2012 
During a Construction Tour conducted by Owner Rocco Termini of Signature Development Co., LLC,
as part of the  C-SAAHN Noon Hour Lectures ...  Lecture Audio

"The  [Grand Marquis] ballroom is the largest public space in the Lafayette.  This space was added during the 1916-1917 addition.  The ballroom is long, and is  unobstructed by any columns because there are no rooms above it. The ceiling has large beams supported by pilasters along the side walls. There were three small windows boarded up which have now been reopened to their original size.

"Damage to the ceiling was extensive.  The plaster beams were removed, the damaged ones replaced, and a new system was put in place to support the new beams and ceiling. Unlike the floors in other areas of the hotel, the floor in the ballroom is wooden. One speculation is that when this addition was built, the owners could not afford a tile floor and used the cheaper covering of hardwood." - Jackie Abarella's Blog  (online March 2018)

2012 replica crystal chandeliers

Patera   ...    Festoons   ...   Ribbons

Dentil molding   ...   Corinthian  pilaster features fluting and bell flowers (chandelles)    ...   Festoons   ...   Ribbons

Ceiling medallion

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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