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The Grand Hallway (Peacock Alley) - Hotel Lafayette

Old postcard showing the intersection of the Grand Hallway as it looked originally (right)
and the corridor to the Clinton Street entrance (left)


This space, part of the 1909-1911 Bethune addition, extends eastward from the lobby, with the grill/Lafayette room and dining room opening off the north side.  The treatment was identical to that in the original lobby, with a high wainscot of red Numidian marble [
Scagliola] , some of which appears to be intact beneath white paint.  The rich plaster ceiling features heavy beams with rich classical ornamentation, also identical to that in the original lobby. 

The floor is of mosaic tile, while above there is one large leaded glass skylight visible near the west end of the corridor, another near the east end has been covered over.  The space was originally described as “a spacious promenade, at once a picture gallery and reception-room,” and there remains one large painting [
Perigny Sur Yerres] attached to the wall on the north side of the corridor.
-  WCPerspective, History of The Lafayette: The Interior
Photos taken on October 25, 2011
During a Construction Tour conducted by Owner Rocco Termini of Signature
Development Co., LLC,
as part of the 
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Restoration of the hotel took place during 2011-12.

Restoration in progress   ...   Abbot Fuller Graves, Perigny Sur Yerres, 1885   ...

"Abbot Fuller Graves was widely acclaimed American painter who specialized in open air garden paintings. He was known for use of bright colors and his floral depictions. This painting was so obscured by layers of grime and darkened varnish that it was almost impossible to see what the image portrayed . After three weeks of meticulous cleaning, a beautiful scene of a woman picking peonies was revealed, a well as the date, 1885, the year the piece was created. The art restoration also unveiled the name of the work: Perigny Sur Yerres, a town in Southern France." - Jacqueline Albarella, The Hotel Lafayette: Restoring Louise Bethune's Masterpiece, Keller Bros. & Miller, 2014, p. 36.

2011 restoration work photo

Scagliola restoration in    ...   Scagliola became fashionable around the 17th century as a less expensive substitute for marble   ...   The 2011 restoration uncovered 10 to 12 layers of paint over the original scagliola

  mosaic floor with Classical geometric fret design

  One of three leaded glass skylights   ...   Note fleur-de-lis  stained glass motif - appropriate since the building was designed in
French Renaissance Revival style and the fleur-de-lis is the official symbol for France.

2017 photos

Left: 1942 Art Moderne style hall   ...   Right: The beginning of the 1904 French Renaissance Revival style  hall   ...   Note mural and surrounding scagliola

Restored coffered ceiling:   Egg-and-dart molding  ...     Ribbon-and-reed molding

Finished, restored scagliola (detail below:)

Restored scagliola   ...   Note mosaic floor

Restored Abbot Fuller Graves, Perigny Sur Yerres, 1885   ...   Four details below:

Perigny Sur Yerres detail #1

Perigny Sur Yerres detail #2

Perigny Sur Yerres detail #3

Perigny Sur Yerres detail #4 -  Artist signature

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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