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Auto Club of Buffalo - Hotel Lafayette
Photos taken on April 24, 2012 
During a Construction Tour conducted by
Owner Rocco Termini of Signature Development Co., LLC,
as part of the  C-SAAHN Noon Hour Lectures ...  Lecture Audio

Originally the Automobile Club Room: there was an Auto Club logo on the exterior

"... fronting on Ellicott Street, is a large room with a rich architectural treatment in plaster similar to the dining room, also part of the 1909-1911 Bethune addition.  Now subdivided into small rooms with a drop ceiling, the room features pilasters supporting a beamed ceiling rendered in plaster.  When the hotel addition opened this space was used as the downtown office of the Automobile Club of Buffalo, later part of the American Automobile Association (AAA), and served as such for several decades." - WCPerspective,  History of The Lafayette: The Interior

Cloth-reinforced plaster ceiling

Triple A Room

  Triple A Room   ...    Capital: Egg-and-dart ... Stylized guttae

Mosaic floor with fret motif

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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