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Wainwright Building

111 North 7th Street, St. Louis, Missouri

Louis Sullivan called the [Guaranty] Prudential Building a "sister" to his prototuype skyscraper, the Wainwright Building (1890-1892) in Saint Louis, both designed  within the decade  following William Le Baron Jenney's Home Insurance Building (1884) in Chicago, the first tall, metallic-framed structure.  With the Wainwright, Sullivan first expressed the essential nature of the new tall buildings - the power of their verticality.

The Prudential, his most mature skyscraper, is a glorious refinement of the Wainwright.

Sullivan had a deep commitment to democratic ideals, natural forms, and to evolving a truly American architecture free of neoclassical excesses.
- Buffalo Architecture: A Guide, by Francis R. Kowsky, et. al. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1981

Wainwright Building plaque

Original main entrance    ...    Three details below:

Art nouveau terra cotta surround

Photos and their arrangement 2021 Chuck LaChiusa
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