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East elevation - Albany City Hall
24 Eagle Street, Albany, NY


Tower  pyramidal roof

"William Gorham Rice first suggested a carillon for Albany in 1918, as a monument to the soldiers who had given their lives in World War I.   A campaign to raise money for the carillon began in 1926 and within a few months over 25,000 citizens had contributed $45,000.  The John Taylor Company of Loughborough, England was awarded the contract to build the carillon... During Albany's Tricentennial in 1986 the carillon was restored and enlarged... The carillonneur, the musician playing the carillon, sits in an enclosed room just below the bells.  By manipulating a keyboard of wooden handles, the carillonneur selects which bells will be rung in what order and with what speed and intensity. The musician may ring out popular tunes that have been adapted for the carillon, or may play one of the many pieces that have been written expressly for this fine and historic instrument." - Albany City Hall Official Website

Tower and east elevation

Tower windows.
Note 3 different patterns in tympanums  ......  Voussoirs ..... Ashlar masonry

Tower loopholes

Left: Facade (north elevation) ...... Center: Tower ..... RightEast elevation.
Note turret at far right (photos below)

East elevation

East elevation: third story windows.
Squat Romanesque Revival columns.

East elevation

East elevation: Second story.
Note corbel at far left (detail in next photo below)

East elevation:  corbel decorated with acanthus leaf.

Right: turret.  Turret corbel detail below


Photos 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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