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Exterior - Hagia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey

On May 29th, 1453, the Ottomans conquered Constantinople and sultan Mehmet II ordered to convert the church into a mosque. In order to use it as a mosque,  a mihrab and a minbar were added inside, a fountain for ablution was placed in the courtyard, and minarets were built in different periods in the outer corners of the building.

Source: Architecture, Sculpture, and the Industrial Arts Among the Nations of Antiquity / a series of illustrations arranged chronologically, and forming an atlas, to be used in connection with any work on the history of art. Authorized American edition, published under the supervision of S. R. Koehler. Boston: L. Prang and Company, 1879, Series II, plate 42, fig. 4. Found on Islamic Arts & Architecture  (online Dec. 2014)

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Note color photo below of the same view:

2014 Nancy LaChiusa

2014 Nancy LaChiusa

Fountain for ablution placed in the courtyard after the Byzantine church was converted into a mosque.
2014 Nancy LaChiusa

Drawing , c. 1876.  Found on Hellenica (online Dec. 2014).
Note right side building in the color photo below:

 As indicated, some color photos courtesy of Nancy LaChiusa

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