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  Nasrid Miscellany 2 - Alhambra
Granada, Spain

Illustrations below:

Tower of the Ladies

The Generalife

The Alcazaba

The Tower of the Ladies / Torre de las Damas

The tower beside its pool is the only surviving element of the building work (1302-09) , making it earlier than the other palaces.
In extremely bad shape in the 19th century, it was restored. The jalousies are lost.


The name Generalife  derives from th Arab word jennat, meaning "garden," "orchard," or "paradise."

One of many private granges and pleasure gardens, the Generalife is the only one remaining. The Generalife was originally a rustic villa type construction, surrounded by flowers and vegetable gardens and orchards, and a place of provisions for the Royal Family. The Nasrid gardens were above all designed for privacy and intimacy, but at the same time allowing the surrounding views to be enjoyed.  

The replanting of the present day gardens was begun in 1931 and finished in 1951. They may not closely resemble those of the Middle Ages.

Water Garden Courtyard - Illustration #1
View from the Summer Palace.

Water Garden Courtyard - Illustration #2

 Generalife Torre de Ismail

Torre de Ismail (Tower of Ismail) - Illustration #1
Built by Ismail I (1314-1325) to commemorate  victory in the Battle of the Vega in 1319.
Horseshoe arch,

Torre de Ismail (Tower of Ismail) - Illustration #2

Torre de Ismail (Tower of Ismail) - Illustration #3.
Calligaphy .... Arabesques

Generalife Gardens

The Lower Gardens are planted with cypress trees.
Gardens of the Generalife separate the country house from the Palace and Alcazaba (below).

The walks are paved in a traditional Granadan mosaic of small pebbles

Alcazaba/The old Citadel
Formerly called Elvira or Granada Castle or the Red Castle.

Crenelated towers

Roman bricks

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