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Pavilion Hall/Council Staircase/The Foyer of the Hermitage Theatre
St. Petersburg
, Russia

Pavilion Hall

Council Staircase

The Foyer of the Hermitage Theatre

Pavilion Hall, Small Hermitage

"The Pavilion Hall of the Small Hermitage was designed in the mid-19th century by Andrei Stakenschneider, the most significant Russian architect of the Eclecticism style. In the design of this interior he intermingled architectural elements of Classical Antiquity, Renaissance and the Orient.

"The combination of light marble with gilt stucco ornaments and the brightly shining twenty-eight crystal chandeliers make it particularly impressive. The hall is adorned with an arcade of columns supporting a graceful gallery. " - Hermitage Official Website


Note Peacock Clock (James Cox, 18th century) in display case from the collection of Catherine the Great.


The Pavilion Room also contains the collection of mosaic tables made by Italian and Russian craftsmen in the mid-19th century.

Gilded Empire (Neoclassical) style furniture

Note lion feet.

The niche, leading to the staircase gallery and adorned with coloured marble columns, is surrounded with four marble fountains imitating with variations the Fountain of Tears in the Bakhchisarai Palace.
Council Staircase

  "This staircase designed in the mid-19th century by the architect Andrei Stakenschneider connects three buildings - the Small, the Great and the New Hermitages. Light colours dominate the interior: the walls are adorned with panels and pilasters of white and pink stucco, the top of the staircase is decorated with white marble pillars.

"The entrance and the staircase owe their name to the meetings of the State Council held on the ground floor of the Great Hermitage in the mid-19th century." -
Hermitage Official Website

The malachite [green] vase in the "Russian mosaic technique" was produced at the Yekaterinburg Lapidary Works in the 1850s.

Scrolling acanthus leaves

The Foyer of the Hermitage Theatre

Rococo style

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