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Palazzo Degli Angeli
( Palace from the Angels)

Via Calimala, 2R, Florence, Italy


Architect: Giuseppe Boccini

Building history:

"The palace was built during the big project of Risanamento del Mercato Vecchio (Reorganization of the Old Market), that deeply changed the shape of the historical center of Florence. The construction was completed in 1892, by the Architect Giuseppe Boccini, but was subjected to repeated interventions. The distributive plan remained unchanged, with the exception of the roof which was modified in the second half of the 1900s." - S. Leggiero, Palazzo degli Angeli - A Trophy Asset in the Heart of Florence (onkine March 2020)

2020 Hotel Calimala website:

Architect and interior designer Alex Meitlis has overhauled the entire building, known locally as Palazzo Degli Angeli. He’s preserved the 19th-century structure’s original stonework, wooden shutters and its intricate sgraffito decorations, which are scratched into plasterwork.
Artistic distinction:

Sgraffio   ...   Right panel detailed below:

Three details below:

Detail #1

Detail #2

Detail #3

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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