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Leonardo DaVinci in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert
2 Rue du Clos Lucé, 37400 Amboise, France

Presumably where Leonardo is buried

Château du Clos Lucé - Official Website
UNESCO World Heritage site

Photographs taken in November 2015.

Records show that Leonardo da Vinci was buried in the church of Saint-Florentin, part of the Château Amboise. At the time of Napoleon this church was in such a ruinous state, dilapidated during the French Revolution, that the engineer appointed by Napoleon decided it was not worth preserving; it was demolished and the stonework was used to repair the château.

Some sixty years later the site of Saint-Florentin was excavated: a complete skeleton was found with fragments of a stone inscription containing some of the letters of Leonardo's name. It is this collection of bones that is now in the chapel of Saint-Hubert. - Wikipedia: Château d'Amboise (online Dec. 2015)

Statue of Leonardo near his burial place in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert

Chapel of Saint-Hubert exterior


  Crocketed  spire ... Pinnacles ... Iron cresting ... Parapets ... Gargoyles ... Lancet stained glass windows

Crockets on spire ... Antler reproductions added in19th century ... Finial

Crocketed pinnacle ... Two gargoyles


Flamboyant Gothic style sculptures in the tympanum over the entrance

Chapel of Saint-Hubert  Interior

Gothic ceiling with marble ribs and decorative bosses

Carved marble quatrefoils and  trefoil arches

Floor marble and marker above Leonardo's remains ...  Copper(?) portrait detailed below:

Leonardo portrait

Decorative fleur-de-lis floor tiles around Leonardo's marker

Photos and their arrangement © 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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