E. F. Hall Office and Residence - Table of Contents

2013 Photos - Exterior - E. F. Hall Office and Residence
467 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY

F. H. Loverin
Style - exterior:
French chateau
Style - First floor office:
Moorish Revival
1st owner:
Eleck F. Halls, photographer.
2nd owner: 1908 - Howard Beach, photographer.
Contributing member of the Allentown Historic District

Architect's sketch
"467 Virginia Street is one of buffalo’s most spectacular but still relatively unknown architectural gems and it is for sale. ... The long sloping roof once had a massive skylight (the edges of which can still be seen in a slight bumped up line in the modern asphalt shingles).  Skylights such as this were common elements of photo studios the early days of photography when film lacked a high sensitivity and artificial lighting sources  were less reliable.  They typically faced these skylights north to scoop up precious daylight. There is an intact example of such a skylight on Genesee Street between Oak and  Ellicott." - David Steele,  "One of City’s most spectacular properties is on the market," published on Buffalo Rising, August 15, 2013  (online September 15, 2021)


2007 photo

2013 photo.
Neighbor's house (#473) to the left (east) features a Stick style porch and a French mansard roof.

French chateau style

Tower with  finial atop conical  terra cotta  shingle roof with French dormer.

Finial atop conical  terra cotta  shingle roof with French dormer.        Note ridge          Cf., Cluny Museum, Paris, France

Finial atop conical  terra cotta  shingle roof

  Conical  terra cotta  shingle roof features different shaped shingles

Applied  terra cotta  panel decorations

Strapwork design on front door plate and "H"on handle ("H" for Hall)

Panel: Strapwork design has origins in Moorish design

Leaded glass features quatrefoils and diamond pattern.  Note solder reinforcement on the came.

Stylized Corinthian capital

Applied, engaged column

   Terra cotta

Special thanks to Realtor Len Sciolino (for sale sign) for his cooperation in 2013

Photos and their arrangement 2013 Chuck LaChiusa
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