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Coit House
414 Virginia St., Buffalo, NY

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Entry hall is not a typical Federal-style entrance, but is Greek Revival

Detail from previous photo: transom window and side lights

Entry hall door detail - Federal-style box lock

First floor

First floor

First floor

First floor

Original drawing room/parlor/dining room. 

Original drawing room/parlor/dining room

The (typical Federal) mantels on the 1st floor are not original, dating from the mid-20th century

Original drawing room/parlor/dining room.
Ceiling plaster

Original drawing room/parlor/dining roomsix-panel door with box lock

The woodwork on the 1st floor is Greek Revival and was probably redone when the house was enlarged

The eastern portion of the house to the right of the staircase does not appear to be original.

The mantels on the 1st floor are not original and are fairly modern

Detail from previous photo

Plaster medallion

Note Greek Revival decoration on center panel

Note Greek Revival decoration on corner blocks

Greek Revival decoration on corner block

Federal, cherry newel post and railing on the staircase appear to be from the 1830s

Stair ends have Greek Revival ornamentation.

Greek Revival ornamentation.


Second Floor

. . .

Second floor east bedroom fireplace with wooden screen

Many of the doors are hand-planed and appear to date from the 1830s or earlier.

Second floor west bedroom

Mantel in west bedroom appears to be older and may be original

Detail from previous photo

Boards appear to be much later than date of construction of house. May be reused material from another building.

Special thanks to Christopher Brown for his assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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