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Coit, Townsend, and Wilkeson

Townsend, Coit, Samuel Wilkeson and Oliver Forward are considered four "fathers" of Buffalo. All were involved in building the Erie Canal.

George Coit

Coit House

Charles Townsend

Townsend House

Samuel Wilkeson

Wilkeson House

"Wedding of the Waters"

George Coit

George Coit was a pioneer who came here before the War of 1812, built the house shortly after the British burned the village in the War of 1812, and lived in and expanded the house through the Civil War.

Perhaps George Coit's most significant involvement with the Erie Canal came when Townsend and Coit were awarded the final contract to dig the Erie Canal in Buffalo. Coit was responsible for the excavation of the Little Buffalo Creek and its connection with the Erie Canal.

He built the last leg of the Erie Canal, including the Commercial Slip. His barge, the Seneca Chief, carried Gov. Clinton from Albany to Buffalo for the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825.

The Coit House was moved to its current site at 414 Virginia Street in the autumn of 1867 by Anson Becker.

Charles Townsend

Townsend was appointed Judge of Niagara County in 1813, a position he held until 1826.

The land that the Coit House is currently on (Virginia Street) was owned by Coit's partner, Charles Townsend,

Coit and Townsend

Charles Townsend and George Coit came to buffalo in 1811 and started a drug store.

George Coit married Charles Townsend's sister, Hannah. Townsend and Coit each named their first born son for the other.

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