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Coit House
414 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY


C. 1815

Moved to Virginia St.:

Autumn 1867


Allentown Historic Preservation District

The portion to the right of the entrance (east) is not original, nor is the 3rd floor. The present appearance of the house is very much like it was when George Coit last occupied it in 1865, as George Coit was responsible for all the additions made to the front portion of the house.

It is generally accepted that the house was originally a 3-bay Federal style house. The eastern portion of the house to the right of the staircase (where the board room is) does not appear to be original.

The spacing of the windows on the east side of the house is different from those on the west side, giving the existing house an awkward, unsymmetrical appearance that is never seen in Federal style houses from the period.

Architectural historian Anderson believed that when the original house was enlarged, another old house was purchased and moved to form the east portion of the main block of the existing house. The double wall, the dissimilar trim and the beams in the basement as well as the fact that the double wall is not present in the third floor makes it seem probable that when Coit enlarged the house, he moved another house to the original one and added a third floor over both parts. Therefore, the addition may be as old or older than the original portion of the house.

-- Christopher Brown, Coit House

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House was built just after the War of 1812, and originally stood at Pearl and Swan Streets. In the 1870's it was moved to its present location.

The Coit House has a simple center entry, a paneled door surmounted by a two-light transom and brackets with sidelights along the full length.

The glass "bulls-eye" transom window and side lights surrounding the door are not original (installed by owner Priebe in the 1970s).

C. 1830 wrought iron fence may have been installed in the 1970s

Rear (north) and east sides of the house: dentil molding

Rear elevation

Back yard. Note pond.


Special thanks to Christopher N. Brown for his assistance

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