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University Park
Historic District
Located in the University Heights neighborhood, Buffalo, NY

University Park Historic District National Register Nomination:

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Diebolt House

Miscellaneous photos - Allenhurst Road

Miscellaneous photos - Capen Boulevard

Miscellaneous photos - Niagara Falls Boulevard

Miscellaneous photos - Pelham Drive

Miscellaneous photos - University Avenue

University Park Historic District

The University Park Historic District is sited between the main thoroughfares of Main Street and Kenmore Avenue.

The streets that make up the district include University Avenue, Radcliffe Road, Larchmont Road, Bellevue Avenue, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Pelham Drive, Allenhurst Road, and Capen Boulevard.

University Park Historic District

This district encompasses portions of Larchmont Road, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Radcliffe Road, University Avenue, Allenhurst Road, Pelham Drive, and Capen Boulevard between Main Street and Kenmore Avenue.

The neighborhood is considered “a remarkably intact example of an early-20th century planned residential subdivision, reflecting the importance of the streetcar and the rise of automobile use in determining the city's expansion.”

489 contributing buildings, 1 contributing site [Diebolt House], and 4 contributing structures [entry gates] adjacent to the south campus of the University at Buffalo.

The district is exclusively residential, with homes built starting in 1913.

The home are in popular architectural styles from the inter-war period including American Foursquare, American CraftsmanBungalow, and Colonial Revival.

The contributing site is the overall design and layout of the subdivision and the contributing structures are distinctive entry gates to the community.

- Everything.Explained.Today (online Jan 2016)

University Park Historic District

Built primarily during World Wars I and II.

1913 Residential subdivision by Anthony J. Huck on family-owned land: Larchmont St., Radcliffe Road, University Avenue and Niagara Falls Boulevard

1920 expansion: Allenhurst Road, Pelham Drive, and Capen Boulevard. 1913 and 1920 streets integrated using grassy medians and stone entrance gates and interior gates

Includes two landmark listings:
National Register listing: Diebolt House
Local listing: Niagara Falls Boulevard brick road

- Information culled from the University Park Historic District National Register Nomination

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