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Table of Contents - National Register Nomination, University Park
Historic District
Located in the University Heights neighborhood, Buffalo, NY

This page is NOT part of the National Register nomination.
The nomination is is somewhat unwieldy and confusing.
This page was created as an aid to easily find sections in the nomination.  For example, if information on Larchmont Road is desired, looking at the outline below clearly indicates that Larchmont is in found starting in Section 7, on page 7.

National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

Section  1:  Name of Property
Section 2:   Location
Section 3:  State/Federal Agency Certification Section  4:  National Park Certification Section  5:  Classification Section  6:  Function or use Section 7, Page 1:  Overview, Setting Section 7, Page 2:
Section 7, Page 3:  Building List: Capen Blvd. Section 7, Page 7:  Building List: Larchmont Rd.
Section 7, Pages 10:  Building List: Niagara Falls Boulevard
Section 7, Page 15:  Building List: Pelham Drive Section 7, Page 16:  Building List: Radcliffe Rd. Section 7, Page 19:  Building List: University AvenueSection 8, Page 1:  Significance Section 9, Page 1:  Bibliography

Section 10
Section 10, Page 1: 
Section 11, Page 2: Maps

Section 11, Page 1: Photo descriptions

Section 11, Page 5: 1927 Aerial View photo

Northern Main Street descriptions

Appendix: 1914 Subdivision Plan

Miscellaneous photos.pdf

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