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Sanctuary - St. Stanislaus RC Church
123 Townsend St., Buffalo, NY 1412
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Nave and sanctuary
with both the original main altar and smaller freestanding altar nearer the congregation.

 Four Evangelists mural flanks stained glass window depicting a scene in the life of the life St. Stanislaus

Original main altar

Original main altar

Original main altar:  St. Stanislaus

Original main altar

Original main altar: Saint Hyacinth of Cracow holding the ciborium and statue of Mary Holding Jesus that he rescued from a siege.

Note Last Supper bas-relief sculpture in original main altar and the altar railing gate - both detailed below

Original main altar: Last Supper bas-relief

Altar railing gate: Pelican and chicks symbolizing Christ

Note altar railing between original main altar (background) and later freestanding altar where the priest celebrating Mass faces the people.

Note 6 tall candelabra (illustrated below)

Marble floor between freestanding altar at left and original main altar out of view at the right.
Celebrating the Mass facing with the people (ad orientem): In churches and shrines, as well as oratories where Mass is open to the public, the priest celebrating the Eucharist at a freestanding altar is to face the people.


S scrolls and lion's feet

Special thanks to Pastor Fr. Thaddeus Bocianowski for his cooperation
and to Gregory Witul for his research.

Photos and their arrangement 2011  Chuck LaChiusa
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